John Doyle wins EOS Swiss

John Doyle took the honours on Tuesday night in End of Season Swiss tournament.  The event played over two consecutive Tuesdays proved entertaining and refreshing.  Despite being on 1 point after 3 rounds, John won 3 on the trot to take the honours.  He even defeated Paddy McDonnell in the final round.  Paddy was the leader after the first 3 rounds on 3 points, but dropped out to play his Boyne Plate semi-final against Andrew Thomson.  He rejoined the Swiss in the last round but could not halt John’s run.  Ben Reilly secured 2nd place on 3.5 points with a win in the last round.

B & C Club Championships rated

The ‘B’ and ‘C’ Club Championships results have now been included in the ICU live ratings.   Not surprising, the top performer was Oliver Gaynor who won the C Championship outright.  his rating improved by 67 points.   Frank Pentony who finished runner up in the ‘B’ improved by 40 points, and Adam Kane’s performances earned him 37 points.   Thierry Brearley’s good form in the ‘C’ Championship is rewarded with an increase of 27 points.

Check out the live ratings at for the full picture.

The ‘A’ Championship results will be rated shortly.

Boyne Plate Update

Paddy McDonnell will play Dayna Ferguson in this year’s Boyne Plate Final, following his win over Andrew Thomson last evening.  At one stage it looked like the final would be a battle between our oldest (Andrew) and youngest (Dayna) members, but Paddy turned it around and forced the win.  The final will take place at a future date.