Club Night
Our club nights are held on Tuesday at ABCD Bridge Club, Fair Green, Drogheda between 19.30 and 23.00. We hold an internal club championship, friendly tournaments and blitz events throughout the season  and new members are always welcome.

Annual Club Championship
The Club Championship is played from January to June, with qualifiers commencing in September. All members are eligible, and games are graded. It’s a chance to get some practice in a competitive environment and meet your fellow clubmates!

Leinster Chess League
We currently have 2 teams competing in the Leinster Chess League. We play teams from all over Leinster, at home and away. Matches take place from the start of September to May.

Online Chess Tournaments

We play online chess tournaments on Thursday nights from 8 pm on http://www.lichess.org. To join in register with Lichess and select COMMUNITY, Teams, Droghedachessclub. You will be admitted to the Club and can then participate in our online tournaments.

We are always looking for new team players! So if you are looking for a chess club and opportunities to play exciting matches against other clubs, look no further!