Club Championship

The Club Championship is played from January to July, with qualifiers commencing in September. All members are eligible, and games are graded. It’s a chance to get some practice in a competitive environment and meet your fellow clubmates!

 Club Championship Qualifiers 2017


Group A: Pat Coleman, Philip Mitchell, Paul McDonnell, Pat Scanlan, Oliver Gaynor, Laura Devitt.

Group B: Martynas Gudauskas, Paddy McDonnell, John Doyle, Andrew Thomson, Andrew Watson, John Havern

Group C: Joe Reid, Sean Cummins, Colm Somerville, Adam Churchill, Maurice O’Connor, Sean Havern.

Group D: Alan Dee, Eoin Murphy, James McConville, Frank Pentony, Thierry Brearley, Ben Reilly, Tom Walsh.

Qualifier Results

Qualifier Standings

Winners of Club Championships can be found here